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The Absolute Sound Editors Choice 2018 Awarded to:
Graham Audio LS5/9

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The Absolute Sound Golden Ear 2017 Awarded to:
Graham Audio LS5/9

Graham Audio, manufacturer of the legendary LS5/9, LS5/8, LS3/5 and LS3/5a monitor loudspeakers produced under license from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Hand built in the United Kingdom, all Graham loudspeakers are renown for accurate, transparent, audio reproduction.


Unparalled resolution will allow your system to step up to its full potential. Every nuance of a performance heard just as the day it was recorded.



Drawn from the rich legacy of many exhaustive years of BBC research 
and development in engineering studio sound, the new Graham Audio 
BBC licensed monitor loudspeakers. Hear the difference.



Graham Audio has combined modern production techniques 
and acute attention to detail to build a truly superior unit.  Perfect BBC recreations even better than the originals.