1. Where are Graham Audio speakers made?  All Graham Audio products are hand built in the UK with the greatest of care and attention to detail , each unit is properly tested ,checked and measured to be in accordance with the BBC licence and exacting standards.
  2. What's the warranty on my new Graham speakers? We offer a 1 year limited warranty to the original purchaser on parts and labor this is upgradable to 5 years after registering your product.  Should your speakersdevelop a fault due to manufacturer error we will repair or replace the unit or faulty part free of charge within the 5 year warranty period. You can register your Graham's by clicking here.  
  3. What are the warranty terms and conditions?  All Graham Audio speakers are guaranteed against defects in components and materials for a period of 5 years (with registration) from date of purchase. Within this period parts will be replaced free of charge provided that failure is not due to accident, negligence or misuse. Registration of your loudspeakers will be required to validate the warranty.  To obtain Service under guarantee the speakers together with an original or clear copy of proof of purchase must be delivered to a local Graham Audio dealer or distributor at the owner’s expense.  Graham AudioLtd and any of its authorized distributors or dealers reserve the right to refuse service under guarantee if the speakers have been subject to unauthorized modification or the serial numbers identifying the speakers  have been defaced or removed or are unreadable.  Black market or imported speakers not purchased from an authorized U.S. Graham dealer will carry no warranty.  Graham Audio USA will not service these speakers even at the owners expense.  All U.S. sold Graham speakers are specific to U.S. market and carry specific serial numbers identifying their origin.   
  4. Do you sell direct to the public?  No, Graham Audio USA sells through an exclusive network of only the finest dealers.  Contact us to find a dealer new you. 
  5. Why are Graham speakers more expensive than comparable BBC knockoffs? Indeed, Graham speakers are more expensive than some of it's like relatives.  This is due to a number of factors.  First, all Graham speakers are officially licensed by the BBC.  This is not free.  A generous royalty is paid to the BBC for each pair sold.  Second, they are made in the UK unlike some of the far east made inferior competition.  Third, the quality of materials, execution, engineering and craftsmanship are a cut above the competition. Exacting quality does not come cheap. 
  6. Are Graham speakers made from MDF like most speakers?  No.  Unlike our competition, all Graham speakers are made from thin wall construction (critically-damped) Birch plywood as specified by the BBC.  This is about 10 times more expensive than MDF.
  7. What about the little wire on the front of my speakers?  This is a factory adjustment and is not to be changed by the end user.  Do not de-solder or alter this connection.
  8. What does BBC stand for?  The British Broadcasting Corporation.
  9.  What type of stands should I use with my Graham's?  We suggest Grahams own stands made specifically for each Graham speaker.  Alternatively, Skylan and Sound Anchor make very good stands that work excellent with the Grahams.
  10. Do I need to "burn-in" my Graham speakers?  Yes, we find that roughly 50 - 100 hours of play is sufficient to properly break in the 5/9.  The 5/8 has a longer break in period of at least 100 hours.  
  11. Will my Graham speakers work with a tube amplifier?  Yes, all Graham speakers display a very easy and consistent impedance across their bandwidth.  For example, the LS5/9 measured sensitivity is 87db with a very kind 8 ohm impedance , uncritical of cable types or amplifier type including low feedback valve designs, minimum value is 6.5 ohms at 160Hz, with still easier loading dips at the 47Hz reflex resonance and an upper crossover point at around 8 ohms.