The Chartwell LS6

Following the success of the Graham Audio LS3/5 and LS5/9, we were curious to discover what could be done with a cabinet that was sized somewhere between the two.

The result is the Chartwell LS6, designed by Derek Hughes. A custom built 6 inch long-throw bass drive unit mated to a compact 17 litre cabinet gives bass extension and power handling that is comparable to the LS5/9. The bespoke 19mm dome tweeter extends to beyond 20kHz. The overall response retains the smoothness of both the LS3/5 and LS5/9.

A large rear mounted port gives effortless bass, while allowing us to minimise the size of the cabinet to allow it to blend easily into typical domestic environments.

A sophisticated crossover network blends the two units and equalises the overall response for optimum performance in free space. A switch on the front baffle adjusts the tweeter level to +1dB or +2dB. This can be useful for situations where the listening position is off axis.

In common with all our loudspeakers, the cabinet uses the classic BBC "thinwall" construction, where the panels are mass-loaded to ensure that resonances are moved away from the critical mid-range region, and a layer of Rockwool is held in place by fabric to provide air damping. Hand-matched veneers are applied and finished to a very high standard. The grille is carefully designed to minimize diffraction effects and is held in place by concealed rare-earth magnets.


System - 2 Way, reflex loading

EnclosureThin - wall damped construction

Finish - Real wood veneer

Dimensions - (w/h/d)24cm by 37cm by 26cm

Weight - 9.5kg

Frequency response - 45Hz to 20kHz, ±2dB

Nominal impedance - 8Ω

Sensitivity - 87dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)

Maximum output - Over 100dB for a pair at 2m

Bass/midrange - 165mm Polypropylene

Tweeter - 19mm Dome tweeter

Recommended amplifier power - 50 to 150 watts unclipped program


Chartwell LS6 user guide - contains recommendations for setting up, using, and caring for your loudspeakers.


  • “There's something uncannily realistic about the way the LS6 does voices. It's a quality that's reflected in the stereo imaging performance, too; voices hang there in space... This fabulous mid-range performance to me speaks not only of a very high-performance bass/midrange driver and skilful driver integration through the passive crossover, but also of a cabinet that's not significantly playing along with the signal. The LS6 is a win for thin-wall cabinet design. ...there's absolutely no reason why the LS6 won't provide exactly what's needed of a nearfield monitor.”

    Sound On Sound - November 2017
  • “...after the LS3/5 review, I wanted to hear a similar, extremely direct and engaging sound, built on a naturally warm midrange. But... I also wanted the bigger Chartwells to give me the real, low bass and dynamics that the smaller monitors didn't have. So, have my dreams come true? Basically, yes!”

    Stereo Life Magazine - October 2017