The Graham Audio LS5/9

The Graham LS5/9 is manufactured at our South Devon facility in the United Kingdom under license from the British Broadcasting Corporation. 

All components are sourced from the UK and Europe. The tweeter is the latest version of the 34mm soft dome unit from French manufacturer Audax that was originally specified by the BBC. All examples are tested and characterized before being matched to the crossover. The bass driver was developed by the highly respected UK drive unit manufacturer Volt, who with their tremendous experience and knowledge built upon the essence of the original BBC design. The bespoke crossover and equalization network is also built at the Volt facility. 

The grille assembly is machined from a single piece of birch plywood and is secured to the cabinet using hidden neodymium magnets. Removing the grille reveals a welcome departure from the original utilitarian BBC design; the veneered baffle. 

The internal damping uses medium density Rockwool slabs that are retained by a cloth lining that is applied by our own upholsterer to the original BBC specification. This is more labour-intensive that the usual approach of applying foam sheets to the cabinet walls, but Rockwool is kinder to the environment and unlike many types of foam, it won't decompose in the future. 

The next step is to build the front panel assembly. The drive units, crossover PCB and internal wiring is installed by hand and an initial test is performed before the baffle is secured into the cabinet. 

The completed LS5/9 is rigorously tested in both our measurement lab and our dedicated listening room. Provided they meet our quality demands and the requirements of the BBC specification, they are signed off prior to packing and dispatch. Records of their objective performance are stored for future support. Each loudspeaker is enclosed within a monogrammed soft cotton bag, which is then placed into its own protective inner carton. Matched pairs of these are encased within an outer transit box ready for shipping.